Jai Mata Ki


Abs Hatha Yoga

Yoga system for flourishing happiness !

'Abs Yoga Teacher Training Course' yoga class by Sunil Dahiya

Soft & stable way of synchronized growth. It is thousands years old culture of reviving the life and maintaining the ever-youthfulness. In ABS Hatha yoga you will work on concept of channelizing the PRAN ( the origin of energy and consciousness) in correct manner for optimum growth at all levels: physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. It is based on the science beyond the physical world.

A typical ABS Hatha yoga class is comprise of specifically selected practices for everyone for diverting the Pranic Energy to required muscles & organs which stimulate internal natural healing balancing the endocrine system by regulating secretion of hormones leading to natural calmness, satisfaction and happiness. The practice includes soft warm-up stretching movements in sitting position leading to sun - salutation & easy to do asanas holding for prolonged time, leading to over-whelming enjoyment of postures & self. ABS Hatha yoga class ends with traditional pranayam & chanting followed by yoga nindra.

ABS Hatha Yoga helps to relax muscles, improve mobility the joints, and relieve stress & ill health. It is ideal yoga system for people with lower level of flexibility, senior citizens, beautiful and delegate women, pregnant ladies those people who are searching softer way of improving health and joy in life.

"If you really want to understand it, Practice and feel your+self !"
-Sunil Dahiya

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